How to Add Wet Scrubber for Medical Waste Incinerator model YD100

1.) add 3 section wet scrubber system,  including  1.)Wet Cooling Spray Scrubber, 2.)Wet Dust Scrubber, 3.)Fog and Water Separator. mainbody made with stainsless steel 304.
2.) and also make new control case for incinerator, make new chimney for incinerator. add ID fan for wet scrubber. add water pump for wet scrubber(1 set standard 1 set back up). chimney made with S.S 304, 10M.
3.) system use 380V 50/60Hz power, power add 6.5Kw more.
4.) local site build 45m3 cooling water pool for wet scrubber.
5.) standard control case is electric control, PLC type optional.

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